When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me. And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me, Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Laundry Day. See you there.
Wanna say "Love your hair."
Here I go (mmmrrhhrr) mum-b-ling.
With my freeze ray I will stop - the world.
With my freeze ray I will find the time to find the words to
Tell you how. How you make.
Make me feel. What's the phrase?
Like a fool. Kinda sick.
Special needs. Anyways.
With my freeze ray I will stop - the pain.
It's not a death ray or an ice beam, that's all Johnny Snow.
I just think you need time to know
That I'm the guy to make it real.
The feelings you don't dare to feel.
I'll bend the world to our will
And we'll make Time stand ... sti - ll.
That's the plan. Rule the world.
You and me. Any day.
Love your hair. (What? No, I, I, I love the air.) Anyway.
With my freeze ray I will stop

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